Art of Conversation
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Art of Conversation 3.0

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Instructor: Prakhar Gupta

Language: Hinglish

Enrolled Learners: 5197

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Ultimate 21 day program to become socially confident & charming

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What people are saying

"After the course I've become more conscious in conversations and also good at showing my intent directly instead of buzzing around."
- Rahul Giri

"AOC has helped me so much to bring back my original self out… the beautiful part is that it does not force the principles on you but helps you develop your own style to connect with people authentically… It was a great course in changing an introvert to become an extrovert"
- Sakshi Sharma


What you get inside


Each module comes with 

  • Concepts
  • Strategies
  • tools and techniques

Module titles:

  1. Introduction
  2. Signals and intentions
  3. Walking into a conversation
  4. Fishing for topics
  5. Like vs Respect vs Trust
  6. Asking meaningful questions
  7. Taking risks
  8. Establishing comfort
  9. Get what you want
  10. Walking out
  11. Preparing for an important conversation
  12. Signals (intermediate)
  13. Expression and tonality
  14. Reading body language and touch
  15. Storytelling
  16. Social confidence and insecurities
  17. How to be the Alpha in a group
  18. How to be Mr/Miss exciting
  19. How to be Mr/Miss right like Captain America
  20. How to charming like Shah Rukh Khan
  21. Professional persuasion

Bonus 1

Example breakdowns

  • Asking meaningful questions
  • How to flirt
  • Fishing
  • How to disagree
  • Joe Rogan vs Gary Vee
  • Playing with Risk and Comfort
  • Risk taking
  • Walking into a conversation
  • Walking out of a conversation

Bonus 2:

  • Quick reference PDF handouts
  • 12 Week exercise schedule
  • 3 Part confidence series
  • How to fake nice
  • How to mend broken relationships
  • Nervousness hack
  • Workplace communication

Bonus 3:

Past Workshops and QnA

  • Communication Masterclass
  • How to be charming on ZOOM
  • Become a magnet of attention, develop your own conversation style, Impression formation, talk to foreigners, make people remember you, overcome approach anxiety & nervousness
  • Risk and Comfort, Asking great questions, Social Anxiety, Writing great emails, Dealing with parents
  • How to vibe with friends, saying a powerful NO, How to avoid the mind going blank in conversations, handling insults
  • Dominating the conversation, family relationships, making your life better, Having better debates
  • Dealing with authority, networking, building trust, meeting people, managing different Personas, Having tough conversations
  • Navigating difficult & controversial conversations, making friends and deeper connections with people
  • Insecurities, talking to the opposite sex, adapting to the environment, and how to stop idealizing people
  • How to flirt, take more risks, articulate better and handle tension in conversations and more
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