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Happiness Manifesto

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Instructor: Prakhar Gupta

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Welcome To Happiness Manifesto By Team Learn With Prakhar


  •  8 Power-Packed Videos Delving Deep Into The Psychology of Happiness
  • Get Rich Insights Into What Drives Sadness & How To Sense It Flowing Inside You
  • Learn Practical & Actionable Techniques To Steer Away From Negative Thoughts & Emotions 
  • 2 Exclusive Podcasts On Scientific, Psychological, and Behavioral Principles of Happiness 
  • How To Take Care Of Yourself In Times Of Sorrow & Great Misery
  • Unlimited Access To 24x7 Discussion Forum & Peer Community Support To Engage In A Thriving Community
  • Unlimited Access To All Videos With No Limit On Views
  • Access Your Course Easily From Android, Web, and iOS


How Many Of You Have Experienced The Following?

  • An intense feeling of sadness every time you wake up in the morning
  • Unable to sleep at night without feeling tired the next day and feeling anxious at all times
  • Not able to focus or concentrate on your studies, work, projects, assignments or anything brings you closer to your personal and professional goals
  • You fight or argue with your social circle and loved ones and do not trust anyone on matters that involve you
  • Your general mood is always unhappy and no amount of stimulation (music, books, movies, hanging out with friends, etc) can instill a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction 


I’m Sure You’d Say That It ABSOLUTELY Sucks When:

  • You fail in your relationships with friends and your close ones
  • You fail in job interviews due to your negative attitude
  • You score poor marks in your exams when you know you deserve better
  • You are unable to do anything enriching in life because of a feeling of purposelessness and emptiness
  • You feel hopeless, helpless, and need  constant  validation to feel normal


I Get It! I Was Just Like You

When I got hit with depression myself, it was the summer of 2019. I was stuck in my apartment in New York by myself. All my friends had left for home and I could not bring myself to get on a flight and go home to my family like this. 


I would lay in bed all day and cry. I would feel worthless and it would feel like everything I would do was purposeless. I felt small and incapable. I also felt unloved and defeated. It took me months to wake up from that nightmare.


But Something Happened

And I was able to build a very principled approach to tackling this distressing inevitability.


When I had the formula, I went ahead and tested it with some of my friends. I was astounded to see them recover from their miseries faster than I did. In fact, a few of those experiments made me realize some of the possible components I was missing in my formula (like supplementation). Over months, I perfected the structure and waited for sadness to arrive. It came- DOUBT CAME AGAIN, but I was ready with my earned steel armor.


Happiness manifesto is the result of months of my research, analysis, and techniques that I have used to network, connect, and establish strong relationships while completely changing my life from sadness and depression to confidence and sustained happiness


Happiness Manifesto Is Ideal Fit For You If You Want:

  • To steer clear of negative emotions that are constantly running astray in your mind
  • To Get a deep sense of satisfaction in everything you do and focus with clarity of thought and the right direction
  • Understand what makes you happy and unhappy. Identify those triggers and work on them for continuous development
  • Analyze the reasons for your dissatisfaction and weed out the string of negative emotions through systematic, thoughtful, and scientifically proven methods 
  • Imbibe powerful meditation techniques and playful affirmations that fill your body with positive vibrations and help you to kick sadness in the butt!
  • Above all: Stay calm, relaxed, focused, and happy with your own company; free from distractions, substance abuse, and negative dimensions that pull you away from living up to your highest potential.


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